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MicroBT Whatsminer Firmware

The most recent MicroBT Whatsminer official firmware as well as other custom firmware for the Whatsminer M2x, M3x, and M5x are available on this page.
Please pay close attention to the firmware models, types, and other details as you read the descriptions.

MicroBT Whatsminer Firmware

MicroBT Official Firmware

Download MicroBT Whatsminer official firmware and SD-card flashing program, which are more secure and stable.
If your Whatsminer firmware version is newer than this firmware version, please do not upgrade!

MicroBT Whatsminer Firmware

MicroBT Whatsminer Firmware

Whatsminer SD-card Flashing Program

Whatsminer Test Power Firmware

Download Whatsminer Test Power Firmware which repairs the firmware version used by the PSU. Support H3, H6OS, H616 control board.

Scope of use—P21, P21D, P21E, P221C, P222C, P221B, P222B

Control board type—H3, H6OS, H616

Whatsminer Test Power Firmware Upgrading Guide

MicroBT Whatsminer Firmware

BiXBiT Whatsminer Custom Firmware

BiXBiT ASIC firmwares increase their performance and energy efficiency, as well as allows them to work in an immersion cooling environment with fans dismantled. By registering in BiXBiT AMS (Automated Monitoring System), you will be able to see statuses of all your miners and receive notifications on important events.

BiXBiT Whatsminer Custom Firmware


You can scan, monitor, and manage your Whatsminer ASICs with the aid of WhatsminerTool, a program that is comparable to BTC Tools. The official WhatsminerTool can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

MicroBT WhatsminerTool – Downlaod & Setup

WhatsminerTool User Guide

FAQs of Whatsminer Firmware

Does the ASIC Lose Its Warranty from the Manufacturer When Used With a Custom Firmware?

No clear answer exists. Please make use of the manufacturer’s firmware to prevent warranty problems.

Is It Possible to Revert the ASIC Back to Its Original Settings After Using a Custom Firmware?

Yes, simply reinstall the official firmware using the standard procedure.

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