How to Upgrade Whatsminer Official Firmware?


This is the guide to teach you how to use WhatsminerTool to upgrade Whatsminer firmware.

The optimizations of firmware upgrading include:

· Increase the stability of product operation

· An inevitable increase in hash rate

· Reduce a specific power consumption ratio and total power consumption.

What You Need:

  1. WhatsMinerTool
  2. Whatsminer Official Firmware

How to Upgrade

1. Download the Whatsminer Firmware on our Whatsminer firmware page.

2. Click the [Search IP] or [Import IP] to Search or Import Whatsminer IP

3. Click [Detect Miner Info] to get the information of the Whatsminer which shown as below:

How to Upgrade Whatsminer Official Firmware?

4.Select the firmware file, click the tool [Upgrade Firmware] button, click [Select Firmware], and select the firmware file to be upgraded in the displayed pop-up box, as shown below:

How to Upgrade Whatsminer Official Firmware?

5. Start to upgrade the firmware. After selecting the firmware file or configuration file, check the IP of the mining machine to be upgraded, and click the [Start Upgrade] button to upgrade, as shown in the figure below:

How to Upgrade Whatsminer Official Firmware?

6. Firmware upgrade result, the status displays “Success”, the upgrade is successful; otherwise, it displays “Failed”. 

7. If the status shows “Success”, the firmware upgrade is complete.

If the upgrade fails during the upgrade process, please check whether the firmware version is consistent with the miners.

If they are the same, please try 1~2 times again, then the upgrade will be successful;

If they are inconsistent, please restart the miner that failed to upgrade (restart or reboot after power off). Then, after the miner is online, re-select the firmware of the corresponding control board type and upgrade again.

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