How to Factory Reset MicroBT Whatsminer – Two Ways


In this article, we’ll cover two methods for performing a factory reset on MicroBT Whatsminer: Whatsminertool and the reset button.

Reset Miner Settings Using the Utility Whatsminertool

How to Factory Reset MicroBT Whatsminer - Two Ways
  • Select miner(s) ①to reset
  • Click [ Remote Ctrl ]
  • Select ( Restore Factory Settings )
  • Click [ Ok ]
  • In the pop-up window, confirm your intentions by clicking [ Ok ]

Reset Miner Settings Using the Button on the Control Board

How to Factory Reset MicroBT Whatsminer - Two Ways

A suitable diameter object is required because. the reset button is recessed into the body to prevent accidental pressing.

  • Press the button [ Reset ] ①and hold it down for at least 5 seconds.

LED ②will blink and the miner will reboot with default settings.


Can You Turn Off ASIC Miner?

There isn’t a hard switch on the miner because it is directly connected to the power source. You only need to pull the power plug (pulling the plug, not the power cable) to disconnect the power.

How Do I Set Up My Whatsminer M30s?

Thus, all you really need is a C19 power cord of high quality, with a minimum continuous amp rating of 16A, to plug into an electrical outlet. Next connect a Ethernet cable to your miner and the other end to a router or switch device. The miner will start up after you turn on your PSU.

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What Voltage is M30s?

MicroBT Whatsminer M30s Specifications

Noise level72db

How Long Do Whatsminer M30S Last?

With a guaranteed higher efficiency and longer running cycle, MicroBT’s Whatsminer ASICs have a lifespan of more than 4 years.

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