How to Set Up Whatsminer on Antpool? Detailed Guide

How to Set Up Whatsminer on Antpool? Detailed Guide

This in-depth guide will show you how to mine BTC and BCH using the Whatsminer M2X, M3X, and M5X series on Antpool.

A cryptographic algorithm known as SHA-256 is used to mine bitcoin. With the help of our Whatsminer, we will demonstrate the mining of BTC and BCH.

About Antpool

How to Set Up Whatsminer on Antpool? Detailed Guide

Antpool is a pool that allows for mining of cryptocurrencies. Among the cryptocurrencies mineable with Antpool are bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, and so on. Antpool makes managing multiple accounts possible, making it simple to keep an eye on the hash rate.

The 2014 creation of this mining pool has the support of Bitmain Technologies. Users are paid according to the number of shares and hash rate/power they contribute to the pool. Amazingly, it can even be downloaded from the Google Play Store. We can infer that it is one of the biggest pools worldwide based on the amount of mining it performs. Beijing is where it was created and established. It gives you a lot of options for how you want to mine, including solo mining and peer-to-peer mining.

Antpool prioritizes security above all else with regard to these. Using two-step authentication and receiving email notifications each time you log in. The website is incredibly easy to use. Additionally, users can personalize their withdrawal fees. It is adaptable because it can be used by both the European and Asian crypto markets. Mining in a group or pool is preferable to solo mining if you want to make more money.

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Set Up Whatsminer on Antpool

1. ANTPOOL account registration and configuration

Step 1:


Step 2:

Click the “Register”button on the top right side;

How to Set Up Whatsminer on Antpool? Detailed Guide

Step 3:

Sign up by entering your email.

How to Set Up Whatsminer on Antpool? Detailed Guide
How to Set Up Whatsminer on Antpool? Detailed Guide

Step 4:

You will receive an activation email sent by [email protected] as shown below; Check your mailbox to complete email authentication:

How to Set Up Whatsminer on Antpool? Detailed Guide

Register completely.

2. Install the miner, connect Whatsminer with a network cable and turn on the power (the voltage needs to be around 210v-230v; 1M bandwidth can carry about 200 machines; the local network should be stable)

3. Retrieve miner’s IP

You can find out the IP address by accessing your router web configuration page. There is also an official IP found program called “WhatsMinerTool“. You can use the miner IP found function to identify the miner’s IP address thanks to this program.

4. Set static IP for miners

1) We advise setting static IP for your miners if you have more than three of them so that you can better manage them.

2) Click on “Worker IP Configuration Tools V1.0” to download. For a detailed explanation of how to operate the device, refer to the manual (Note: If an anti-virus warning appears while downloading, please turn it off on your computer). This program is completely secure.)

5. Log in to miner backend

1)After you have retrieve your miner IP address, open the browser on your computer (Chrome or Firefox is preferred, and the computer needs to be in the same IP range), enter the found IP into the address bar of the browser, and proceed to login using root for both the username and password:

6. Connect to ANTPOOL and set up miners

1) stratum server address: (located in the bottom right corner of the ANTPOOL homepage. Note: BTC and BCH shares the same server address)




2) Set up miners and connect to ANTPOOL (worker name is sub-account name + suffix,

for example, sub-account: always; the first miner is named: always.01, the second miner: always.02… and so on)

3) In the miner backend, type the three stratum server addresses (it’s best to enter just one miner name; the password can be 123). Click “Save & Apply” to run the miner.

4) After the miner has been running for about 10 minutes, check the hashrate, temperature, and other parameters under “miner status” from the miner backend.

(Remark: The connection should be successful as long as one of the three stratum server addresses is active. The miner will automatically switch to the backup address if the primary server goes down; this has no effect on your earnings.)

Parameters under Miner Status:

A: Operation time

B: Miner hash rate

C: Pool connection status, “Alive” means connected

D: Error rate, normally lower than 0.03%

E: Number of Hash boards

F: Number of chips detected in the chain

G: ASIC frequency setting

H: Hash rate of each hash board

I: Hash board temperature

J: ASIC temperature

K: ASIC status, “O” indicates OK; “X” indicates error; “-” indicates dead

L: Fan speed

7. Keep miner running for about 10 minutes, check hash rate on ANTPOOL (If you are mining BCH, do not forget to switch coin type on the page before checking)

8. Earnings and payment

1) Daily payouts are offered by ANTPOOL. Payouts will be automatically sent to your wallet once your earnings reach the minimum payment threshold. (BTC and BCH both have 0.005 as their default minimum payout amount. You have control over this amount.)

2) You’ll receive payment in the ANTPOOL wallet you created. You can check the payment in your wallet or view your payment history under “Dashboard”– “Payment History” on ANTPOOL. (Paying: payment is being process; Paid: payment completed, tokens sent to your wallet)

(Payment will be sent to your BCH wallet if you have decided to mine BCH. Your earnings will be kept in your account balance if you did not create a wallet address.)


We hope you enjoy mining now that we have completed the procedures for account registration, miner configuration, and connecting to ANTPOOL.


How Do I Find My Whatsminer IP Address?

Click the IP Report button (above) located on the controller board. Hold it down until it beeps (about 5 seconds) and then you should be able to locate it. Any device on your network can be scanned to reveal its IP address using a scanning tool like AngryIP or Locator from Minerstats.

How Do You Connect Miners to Pool?

How to Join a Bitcoin Mining Pool

  1. Which pool do you want to join?
  2. The stratum addresses of the chosen mining pool should be added to the mining software client.
  3. Connect the wallet that you want to use to store mined coins.
  4. Set up your mining client to work with the mining pool of your choice.

How Do I Change My Miner IP Address?

How do I set a static IP address?

  1. Enter the backstage interface of the miner and click “Network.”
  2. Click “DHCP” and select “Static.”
  3. The miner’s network information should be filled out.
  4. Click “Save&Apply” to apply the settings and the miner will automatically restart.
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