MircoBT Whatsminer M20 Series and M30 Series Hash Board Repair Difference and Contact


What’s the distinction and relationship between the Whatsminer M20 series and M30 series hash boards maintenance? The answers are in the post; check it out.

Whatsminer M20 series and M30 series (Whatsminer M30S, Whatsminer M30S+, Whatsminer M30S++) are two popular series of MicroBT Whatsminer, the difference and connection between Whatsminer M20 series and M30 series hash board maintenance are as follows:

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1. When testing the hash board, the Bitmain M20 series hash board’s power supply voltage is fixed at 13V, whereas the Bitmain M30 series hash board’s power supply voltage needs to be set to various test voltages that are calculated based on the number of ASIC chip layers and the voltage between layers.

2. An oscilloscope is required to detect the CLK signal voltage of the M30 series, and to determine whether it is normal by looking at the waveform. Some hash boards have a CLK signal voltage, so 0.15V may also function normally, which could lead to error in judgment.

3. The voltage between layers, which is typically higher than 0.3V, must be taken into consideration when fixing the M20 series hash board. Repairing the M30 series hash board does not require paying attention to the voltage between layers; occasionally, a voltage of less than 0.3V is sufficient for the hash board to function normally.

4. Check the CLK signal waveform using an oscilloscope. Turn on the hash board to check it out. When testing the RXD, TXD and RST signal waveforms, you need to enter the test command “test-readchipid” to measure the waveform.

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