MicroBT Whatsminer M30S Log Shows Error Code 2010


The MicroBT Whatsminer M30S log shows the error code, and this guide will troubleshoot it.

Whatsminer M30S is an effeiceint miner of MicroBT Whatsminer. How should the error be fixed when the Whatsminer M30S log displays Error code: 2010? To find out the solution, continue reading.


Please check the network or pool configuration if the log error code for 2010 indicates that all pools have been disabled for two seconds.

For configuration pool:

1) After logging in, go to the Configuration – CGMiner Configuration page.

2) A mine worker’s name and mine pool address can be changed on the Configuration – CGMiner Configuration page. After modifying, click “Save & Apply” in the lower right corner to save the modified configuration.

The CGMiner program or the control panel must be restarted after making changes to the mining pool configuration; the configuration then needs to be restarted.

See How to deal with fault codes of Whatsminer series for a list of additional Whatsminer error codes.

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